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1. Why are your products more expensive than products of other companies?
Because we believe that quality is the basis of a company, so we use superior materials and optimized techniques in the manufacturing process. Besides, we use Schneider electrical components, Siemens touch screen and German or Chinese-leading hydraulic parts to ensure the high quality of our products. All in all, we offer high-performance products for our customers.

2. Do you offer warranty for your machines?
Yes, we offer one-year warranty.

3. Do you have exclusive service engineers overseas?
Not yet. But we can arrange our engineers to travel around the world to provide after-sales services. Our engineers can help install the machine for free after it is delivered to the customer’s factory. Customers will only need to pay local accommodation and transportation fees.

4. How long is your production cycle?
90 days, or you can contact our salesman if it’s urgent.

5. Do you have spare parts inventory?
We have inventory for conventional standard materials, but for non-standard materials, we usually start producing after receiving orders from customers.
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